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- A Private Membership Association - 

What is a Private Membership Association ("PMA") and why should you join?

A Private Membership Association (“PMA”) is a group of men and women collectively asserting and standing upon their inherent rights and freedoms. Exercising our rights to determine what services, devices, products, and or procedures we will use to maintain the health of our own body, mind or spirit.

As men and women we are exercising our right to provide and share, lawful services, procedures, advice, counsel, tips and any other information or services which we deem beneficial to YYC ROCKS PMA Members. Within the private we freely and safely share, obtain, discuss, and, exchange views, information and services with other members of the Association. We have the right to determine for ourselves how we regain, maintain and maximize our optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing without information being censored through regulation or restriction upon these rights.


As a Private Member Association, YYC ROCKS Members enter into a private contract with the Association and between their fellow members. It is unincorporated and never registered with any government agency. It is not anti-government, rather we are removing the intrusion, censorship and overreach by the government. As such we are supporting members' self-determination and autonomy to take charge of their own lives and those of their children.

Member Benefits

  • Access to members only website pages - service directory, resources, support & education

  • Access & referral to Health & Wellness Professionals

  • Complimentary consultation for mental health concerns

  • Optional Health & Wellness Review for your own record

  • Discounts to conferences, workshops, merchandise, etc

  • Access & discounts to community partners

  • YYC ROCKS newsletters & updates, zoom meetings and events

We will have professional packages available at an additional cost for members offering professional services or products.

Additional Services and/or Product Packages may include

  • Listing on our Service Directory & Resource pages

  • Opportunities to promote your products and/or services to our new members atour Monthly Community Connects meetings and events

  • Client referrals

  • and much more ....

Membership price is:

$111.00 per member per year

Membership Qualifications

Any person who meets the following qualifications (the “membership qualifications”) may be entitled to apply for membership subject to any further provisions in these Rules:

  1. Must be over 18 years old

  2. Must be prepared to educate themselves on the services and products offered through this Association

  3. Must have the intention to live in harmony and peace with other private members of this Association

  4. Must make a personal declaration to the Association, to follow its rules and principles by signing the Membership Agreement

- A Private Membership Association -
Application for Membership

It is our desire to create a community of like minded and like hearted men, women and children. If you are interested in becoming a member of YYC ROCKS - A Private Membership Association please take the time to review our home page  to ensure you are aligned with our Vision, Mission and Philosophy.

To start the membership application process please fill out the application form below.  Once we have reviewed your application our member services team will be in touch to book a zoom session with one of our Founders and/or Trustees.

Membership fees will be due once your membership has been approved.

What topics are you interested in? Check all that apply

Thank you for Applying!


"We were very fortunate to have one of YYC Rocks health & wellness professionals come to our home and do a full assessment on our father. She was very caring, thorough, and informative with the situation we were in. She was quite concerned with his low oxygen level and recommended he go to emergency. We greatly appreciated her kind & caring nature and would recommend YYC Rocks for this wonderful in-home service!"
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