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Who We Are

We are a group of people who have a variety of educational backgrounds, including doctorates, degrees, and certifications in medical, teaching, or trades. We have come together in community to learn from one another.

By building strong relationships we will become a secure private network by creating an intentional community within an urban setting; enabling us to be strategically prepared for our future.

About Us

yyc ROCKS is a judgment free, Self-Governed community focused on a culture of Self-Determined wellness in service to humanity.

Our Vision

To create a network of integral people who can operate with no authority over another, while being able to live purposefully and authentically for mutual prosperity.

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When one member thrives we all thrive!!

How we came to be

As one of the first community based Private Membership Associations in Alberta, born out of the freedom movement in 2021, yyc ROCKS recognizes each man, woman and child's uniqueness and encourages active participation from its diverse group of members.

yyc ROCKS welcomes anyone whose values and principles align with ours to join our Association to support one another, enrich each other, and thrive together.

Our Founders

yyc ROCKS was created in Calgary, AB in 2022 when Kenisha & DeeDee both lost their jobs due to the enforced mandates.

We had the courage to stand in our convictions and walk away. Although we struggled to connect with like minded people, and also wanting to help others facing the same consequences, we saw the need to create yyc ROCKS. 

It started with a vision to support individuals who were looking for a safe space to access collaborative wholistic health & wellness services. Since establishing itself as a Private Membership Association (PMA) in 2023, yyc ROCKS is able to provide a platform for its members to access and exchange products, services and information under our own jurisdiction based on Natural Law with a focus on root cause.


This is how our

Root Care System evolved.

"My mission is to endeavor on a journey to a place where my children and I can be free with no authority held over us, while being able to live authentically and abundantly in our purpose."

~ Kenisha

"I would not be here if I had not stepped out of my comfort zone, had faith and the strength to move forward. Although the path has seemed insurmountable at times, the rewards have far surpassed the fear of the impossible."

~ DeeDee

Our commitment is to create change and inspire an awareness of the importance and value of Self Determination and Quality of Life that is accessible to each person no matter their background, place of origin, or socioeconomic situation.

Want to form real connections
with those who truly want to support you?

Why become part of our intentional community?

We form real connections and value connecting in person

We support one another personally and professionally

We consider one another as family

We endeavor as a collective to find the root cause to symptoms and concerns

We are mindful in asking permission and strive to come from a place of no Authority

Here is Where it All Began

Why Become a Member?

Within our community, we have hundreds of years of health & wellness experience.

Is this something you are looking for?

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