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Definition of Terms


A group of members with a designated leader who voluntarily manages a specific project within the PMA and reports back to the Executive Board.

Confidential Information

All information about the PMA and the members is not to be disclosed outside the PMA without expressed authorization of the PMA Executive and/or the member.


The written rules that each member agrees to follow to remain in good standing as a member of YYC ROCKS PMA.


Binding informed and private agreement between men and women with the PMA or between each other.


Manner in which the members and the Association acquire and/or deliver private services, products, and directly support the operation of the Association. Exchange can be through membership fees, donations and gifts or agreed upon barter between members or cash exchange for services.

Executive Board

Composed of the Founder(s) and a board of trustees who are responsible for the administration associations operations while leading and co-creating evolutionary initiatives/ pioneering planning.


An actual or supposed circumstance regarded as just cause for complaint.


Inalienable/Unalienable Rights

Rights that cannot be granted nor taken away by any political order, legislation or statutes.

Jurisdiction – under Natural Law every man and woman have personal authority over their mind, body and spirit all granted to the human family by God.

Inherent Rights

Our God given rights by virtue of being human.


To be lawful under natural law is to perform actions that cause no harm and does violate another.


Government enforced rules and/or regulations. 


A man or woman that has been invited to and has paid the membership fee who has access to the YYC ROCKS private membership benefits.


Means membership in the PMA as set out by the rules.

Natural Law

Is based in reality, conforms to the natural world, is based in nature and is an absolute part of nature. Natural Law is obvious and is self evident. Natural Law cannot be changed or subverted by the will of man.


A Private Membership Association (“PMA”) is a group of men and women collectively asserting and standing upon their inalienable rights and freedoms. Exercising our rights to determine what services, devices, products, and or procedures we will use to maintain the health of our own body, mind or spirit.

Private Domain

Operation in the private domain means that all actions and benefits of the PMA are outside the public (government) domain and are confidential between members only.

Quality of Life

Good health has been recognised as one of the most important factors of daily living and is unique to each individual as to their own expectations of health.


Means the rules of the PMA as set out in the Constitution document as amended from time to time.

Self - Determination

Determination of mind, determination by one's free will, without external influence.


Each member agrees to hold the Association, its Trustee(s) and all other members free from any unintentional liability for the results of such advice, recommendations, private services and/or products, except for harm that results from instances of clear negligence and/or purposeful harm as determined by the Association.

Wholistic Health

The maintenance and maximization of our optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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