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Why are food security and access to high-quality nutrition resources so important?

Throughout the past few years we have witnessed unprecedented disruption of global supply chains.  Along with these disruptions, we have seen further corporate consolidation of the major agri-pharma industry players.  Once-revered natural, sustainably-oriented companies are being swallowed up by these global giants and the quality (and safety) of our food supply has been jeopardized.

Unfortunately, we can't rely on former "natural" household namesake branded products and we must focus awareness on current and future-planned genetic adulteration of our food such as "mRNA-enhanced" livestock and animal-based staple products including milk and eggs, to name a few.

For these reasons, we will be focusing more effort on sourcing the best local, farm-to-table and high-quality nutrition resources and securing value-added member discounts and exclusive buying opportunities.


Please contact Adam for questions, suggestions or opportunities concerning food security, farmers and food producers.

Food and nutritional options to help you manage your whole health.

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