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Dr. Bob

YYC ROCKS is excited to welcome Dr Bob Dickson to our community! Dr Bob will be offering his services one day a week for our members as well as providing his insight and medical expertise to our growing community through collaboration. He has been actively involved in a multitude of programs including Calgary's anti-fluoride program, Medical Mercy Canada, and global outreach programs like RESULTS Canada which focused on ending starvation, debilitating disease and poverty globally.

To book an appointment with Dr. Bob - please call his office at 403-275-4611 and let them know he has asked to book an appointment with him personally.

Please do not mention YYC ROCKS.  

Dr Bob is a native Albertan that is committed to making a difference for not only Albertans but across the globe. Dr Bob has served in many roles including past president of Change for Children, past president of Tools for Peace, and past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Arusha Cross Cultural Centre. He was a senior partner with RESULTS Canada in a role that became instrumental in having child and maternal health be the signature initiative of the 2010 G8 & G20 forum in Toronto. Through this initiative $1.1 billion and later $3.4 billion was committed to maternal and

child health by the Canadian Government. He has also volunteered with Medical Mercy Canada in Nepal and Thailand with Burmese refugees. Dr Dickson has co-led the anti-fluoridation program in Calgary since 1999 which succeeded in having fluoride being addition being halted until this year. He is the founder of Safe Water Calgary He has also championed efforts towards climate change and is partnered with Project Ixcanaan since 2003 to rebuild and support El Remate a remote village in Guatemala. He is a proud father of a son named Luke, loves Golf, bikes and is a competitive pickle ball player. He retired from his family practice in 2013 but maintains an active medical license and does minor emergency shifts when his time allows. We are so grateful Dr Bob has joined our community and excited to offer our members his incredible expertise and commitment to positive change. Welcome Dr Bob!

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