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Returning Book to Shelf


Websites (CF - Canadian Focused Content)


  • The McCullough Report (Dr. Peter McCullough)


  • The Real Anthony Fauci (2021) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

  • The Courage to Face Covid-19 (2022) by John Leake and Peter McCullough

  • The Defeat of Covid (2021) by Colleen Huber

  • Covid-19 and the Global Predators (2021) by Peter and Ginger Breggin

  • The Truth About Covid-19 (2021) by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummins

  • Overcoming the Covid Darkness (2022) by Dr. Brian Tyson and George Fareed

  • United States of Fear (2021) by Dr. Mark McDonald

  • Undercover Epicenter Nurse by Erin Olszewski, RN

  • Plague of Corruption by Judy Mikovits

  • My Choice (2021) by Julie Ponesse – CF

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