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Life Force Canada is a platform that is made up of Canadians from coast to coast who have volunteered their time and energy to create the Canadian Restoration Plan - an empowered future for all of us. We are in a transitional time.


Jabless Jobs is an employment service with a mission to connect job seekers with non-discriminatory employers. Donate With your support we can make employment accesible to everyone. Individuals will have peace of mind when it comes to their fundamental needs; resulting in stronger communities and a greater nation. Let's win this together. $20 $50

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We are committed to helping people with their health and wellbeing outside the traditional medical system. We believe the medical system is broken and something new, from a pure motive, is the future of health & wellness. Call Now 778-692-8007


Taking Back Your Freedoms was initiated by a group of concerned citizens with a specific goal to equip and to mobilize citizens towards taking back their Constitutional and God given Freedoms. Chairman Of The TBOF Board: Statesman Brian Peckford


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