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YYC ROCKS is a non-discriminatory and inclusive community that exists to benefit all its members. Our purpose is to be a movement that is FOR the people, BY the people, to SUPPORT the people.

Our commitment is to create change and inspire an awareness of the importance and value of quality of life that is accessible to each person no matter their background, place of origin, or socioeconomic situation. We recognize that being a member of a community needs a disposition of caring for each other. We welcome anyone whose values and principles align with ours to join our movement to support one another, enrich each other, and thrive together.

When one member thrives we all thrive!

Our Founders

Kenisha & DeeDee

Many see me as a leader, others see me as a caring nurse, I myself am struggling to juggle all of life’s never ending challenges, including being a single mother. A nursing colleague of mine shared with me years ago that Kenisha, means bright shining star in Filipino. This is what I strive to embody every day through my work in bringing health and wellness to people. The light that brings hope and guides others to a healthier future through community support. My passion for creating change began when I was young, but like many who have lost their job due to the “pandemic’, I realized I had a purpose beyond being a nurse. Being forced to take the vaccine caused a pivotal change for myself and my family. It was in that moment, watching the timer count down to be “vaccinated,” that I broke down. Tears streaming down my face as my young daughters hugged me asking why I was crying, I realized not just for myself but for them, that I needed to stand up for my belief in body autonomy, freedom to choose, and to be that voice for justice & equality. I feel so blessed everyday to be able to connect with others who have similar values and morals, to be a founder of a community that is focused on growing and evolving with one another, to know that we are never alone because through love, strength and unity we can heal as one.


DeeDee Knapton

The Co-Founder

My journey has come full circle.  I became a respiratory therapist many years ago, 37 years to be exact.  Throughout my career, I have had an opportunity to work in all aspects of critical and chronic care.  It has been an honour and a privilege to serve many.  

Fortunately, with the current climate and mandates I found myself at a cross roads and was able to walk away to serve humanity more inline with my personal integrity.  Through this transition, I met our wonderful and caring founder Kenisha.  I saw her vision and realized that I was divinely guided to join her in this endeavour.  

I am proud to be a cofounder along side her.  Together, we will make a difference. One that will become our legacy.  With love and gratitude I am here to serve our community for the highest good of all.


Mikael Bartholdy

The Moo - Manager of Operations

I am an RN who believes in our ability to heal ourselves, I am a spiritual seeker, and I am committed to helping others along their journey of finding true lasting health. I believe the answer is always love, but to find that, we must be willing to work through our traumas and offer forgiveness and gratitude to all of life's lessons.

I specialize in Palliative medicine and grief counseling while also offering alternative healing services, some of which are psychedelic assisted therapy, hypnotherapy, and Reiki.


Stephanie Guido

The Web Designer

I believe that remarkable designs start with a simple idea and evolve into inspiring outcomes. My purpose is to create good, beautiful and holy work - YYC ROCKS is the perfect community for me to fulfill my purpose and feed my passions for creativity, freedom and unity.


The Member Services Team

The YYC ROCKS Members Services Team is an enthusiastic group of members who love being part of and contributing to our community. Our team is made up of special people who work around the clock to ensure the best experience for all members. 

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